Hotel Fortuna Hotel Fortuna
Local cuisine, also for celiacs

Be enchanted by our hospitality and our culinary proposals. Our Chef, thanks to its professionalism and passion for haute cuisine will be happy to serve you the best dishes of the Veronese tradition, prepared with fresh, simple and genuine, all accompanied by fine wines.

Our staff, attentive and caring, will help make your dinner a unique and special time.
Discover the preparation of our most delicious recipes!

We adhere to the AIC project (Supply Away) AIC (Italian Celiac Association), we are informed about the problems of contamination and able to prepare fine cuisine gluten-free for our guests. And if that were not enough, we can also offer excellent pizzas, all cooked strictly with wood oven. All this is the restaurant of the Hotel Fortuna: interior design and simple at the same time, where our chef will select for your taste buds, but the best that the area to be offered. See you there!

Christmas Menu 2018
Veronese mountain pudding with porcini mushrooms
€ 10,00
Carpaccio of black angus with radicchio and mountain
€ 11,00
Selection of Lessinia cured meats with gardener (pink pepper loin, Amarone speck, croutons with lard)
€ 12,00
Hotel Fortuna
Tortellini in broth
€ 10,00
Purple potato gnocchi with mountain cream and truffle
€ 12,00
Baked lasagna
€ 9,00
Hotel Fortuna
Boiled mixed with pearà, green sauce and mustard
€ 15,00
Pork fillet in coffee with pumpkin puree
€ 15,00
Sliced ​​beef with grilled radicchio and Asiago
€ 16,00
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